Where are you on the boat?

You know what keeps us up at night?  Figuring out ways to change habits.  We’re not sociologists, but we know once you get enough people on one end of a listing boat, the smart ones will move to other parts to keep it afloat.  The work we’re doing is an effort to change habits, so that we all benefit.

Our goals are to increase the numbers of healthy affordable housing stock and stem homelessness, by decreasing the levels of indoor air pollution and food insecurity in low-income communities.  Lofty, yes.  But no grand schemes, just some simple substitutions and making proper connections between groups and people – a little habit shifting.

We’re working on a collection of low-cost solutions that significantly improve health outcomes in low-income communities.

So, now you know where we are on the boat.  Where are you?  If you need help moving around the watercraft (while waiting for our resources, of course!) the folks at Shift Your Habit can help.   http://shiftyourhabit.com/about-us/

See you on board!

One thought on “Where are you on the boat?

  1. Buying and spending habits need to be focused on. But it’s good to foucs on the idea that some changes will actually be cheaper in both the short and long terms. Baking soda is very cheap and is used for more things then people know. Fresh food will be cheaper for you in the long run too. When you think about lowering illness.

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