Following Leaders 5/21

When I started explaining who we were following a few weeks ago, it was a way to express great appreciation. It still is. I mean, dang, tweets can provide something we actually use every day. (Sometimes those 140 characters just provide a welcome diversion.)

Our list is never exclusive, of course.  How could it be with so much great information? We don’t follow “less” who we followed last week. Indeed, the research and work we do continue to rely heavily on past followees. Certainly over time we will double-, triple- and quadruple-up our props.  This process is about letting our friends know we value them.  And how…

@Hominc – for taking the fight to the PHAs and stating the important: “Public housing authorities need a huge culture shift.” (We so needed the reminder as we compile our list of community gardens in PHAs.)

@FarmForager – for a link to a new report by the USDA Economic Research Service: “Local Food Systems: Concepts, Impacts and Issues” that we’re using in our mapping protocol.

@NLIHC – for keeping the heat up on the National Housing Trust Fund and calls to support more affordable housing.

@Cocoxochitl – for reintroducing the wotd (word of the day) “greenlining” to our vocab and reminding us that sometimes it’s all about finding Pixies, Sonic Youth, Pavement & Radiohead all in a row.

@SilverlakeFarms – for encouraging locals to attend the Food & Flowers Freedom Act hearing at City Hall today and breaking ground on a new grow site in our ‘hood.  Go to their free Urban Farming workshop tomorrow!

@GreenzerFr – for hipping us to the fact that the French don’t want to pay more for green, either. Nous aimons le vert…pas cher!

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