Following Leaders 5/28

This week we did a lot of our ongoing work on urban agriculture (and followed the progress of funding the National Housing Trust Fund).  But, we were also keeping an eye on issues outside our focus area that seem to have gone off the radar as a result of the BP disaster.

As we looked at innovative ways to bring the farm to the food desert and turned to our Twitter friends for resources on urban farming and portable urban agriculture, we also sought ways to support our friends working to bring relief to victims of flood in this country and fighting in another.

See you next week.

@AmpleHarvest – for ideas about how backyard gardeners can provide their extra produce to hungry people.

@BuyLocalCA – for presenting the question: what do you think the future of urban farming looks like?  And offering links that help us be part of the answer.

@minigarden – for ideas about container gardening as we researched “portable” gardens (detailed in yesterday’s blog post).

@AnarchyGarden – for a tip and contact info on community gardens in urban affordable housing.

@PlayItFwd – for assisting Tennessee flood victims with a “musical benefit for a musical city.”  The need is still there.

@cateandrebecca – for finding a way to help the war-ravaged women and children of the Democratic Republic of Congo achieve self-sustenance

One thought on “Following Leaders 5/28

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! That’s what I sought to do with the Wrigley Village Community Garden. My neighborhood is one of those food deserts; liquor store in every corner, an Albertsons and a Northgate. The latter doesn’t offer any organic options.

    Keep doing what you do and remember you have a friend in Long Beach, CA!

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