Following Leaders 6/4

Man oh man, we just love all our Twitter friends.  Everyone’s great, really, check our list and see if you’re not following a bunch of the same peeps! (You should be!) This week — as we were grantwriting for small groups (and our own pursuits), adding to our list of community gardens in public housing, and designing a food mapping protocol, (and, ugh, keeping up on HOPE VI) — a few of our 199 friends really caught our virtual eye.

It was exciting to see environmentally responsible low-income housing, and community building among the homeless and housed. A link about pesticides led to more research on produce cleaning methods (and confirmed some prior research).  We even had a few friends who fed our foreign language (and sports) jones!

Thank you again…

@Sustainablog – for focusing on 5 green low-income housing developments (we’re following construction like this to seek mandates for community gardens or encourage home growing in these developments).

@PHCSF – for wonderful work on the Growing Home Community Garden providing a setting for homeless and housed to work side-by-side to create community.

@seasonalwisdom – for “wise” ideas about fruit on the grill, grass/lawn alternatives and avoiding pesticide-riddled celery.

@meredithmo – for hipping us to the urban vineyard in Ohio, especially since our mapping protocol looks at the use of urban space and job creation (for traditionally unemployable populations).

@LaOpinionLA –para la cobertura de la Copa del Mundo en 140 caracteres o menos (nuestro distracción de la semana)!  for World Cup coverage in 140 characters or less (our diversion of the week)!

@hyperlocavore – pour tendre la main a tous les gens qui parlent francaise ET partagent leur jardins!  for reaching out to all the people who speak French AND share their yards!

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