Following Leaders 6/11

Another Friday brings another opportunity to tell everyone exactly how we appreciate our Twitter friends.  This was some week.  I’m one of those people who reads nearly every tweet because there’s just too much to miss.  A few got me really excited because they touched on how to deal with issues we’re interested in here at h&c: urban farming stigma in the black community and indoor air quality standards in LEED.  Others led to public peach trees (mmmm! peach pie) and images of old-school community organizing.

If you’re at all interested in community, local food and green living, then you’ve got to check out these folks!

@GOOD – for a lead on how LEED approaches indoor air quality, something we’ve been talking about but hadn’t seen anything substantive on.  It’s so exciting to see a major report about this (and a follow-up letter from USGBC seeking dialogue!).

@fallenfruit – for always good info on where to glean, and for helping us picture Los Angeles as a giant public garden.  Plus, we’re always down for a Fruit Jam!

@LeoRomero – for introducing us to Our Blocks where we found stories about neighborhood building (real best practices and case studies!) which will help us in our ongoing inquiry into urban ag in black communities along with our affordable housing work.

@TheCityFarmer – for a link to a Grist article on diversity in urban farming that included the best quote we saw all week: “The only generalization left after this long day is that the people in these gardens look comfortable and connected, as if they’re at home.”

@NYCHomesteading – for photos reminding us that sometimes you just have to take it to the streets.

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