Following Leaders 6/25

Have you ever had a week that was just so full of stuff that your head spun? I think I can safely say that you have.  If you’re human, using social networking/interwebs, trying to change the world…I know you have.

This week, was like that.  This week, there were so many things to research on so many subjects.  Then, a new thing would pop up and much like the dogs in Pixar’s UP, it was like someone shouting “squirrel!” Instant distraction…off in another, kind-of-related, direction.

So, this week it was all about homelessness and low-income housing, rainwater and floods, sharing and innovating.  See? All over the place, but undoubtedly related.  These friends made it work.

@homeaidamerica – for work to help the suddenly homeless and a link to an article on framing homelessness politically.

@LISC_HQ – for a report on the value of low-income housing tax credits in NYC.

@PushingGreen – for a post on harvesting rainwater and a great collaboration with Trees for the Future.

@PlayItFwd and @musicjoshsmith – for working so hard to help Nashville flood victims, and keeping them on the radar.

@YesMagazine – for a great reminder about the value of sharing and the 10 ways our world is becoming more shareable.

@SlowFoodUSA – for tweets on bringing the food revolution to low-income communities through an innovative “people’s choice” CSA program.

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