Following Leaders 7/2

It was vacation time this week.

But, one thing most of us realize is, it’s never solely vacation week when you’ve got technology…especially the kind that fits in a palm and does nearly everything a laptop does.  So, although little work was done on our food security or affordable housing projects, there was time to be intrigued and educated about gardening jobs, homelessness, urban homesteading and sharing (always sharing).

Don’t worry, much resting and vacationing was done.  But, it was with the contentment that our Twitter friends were making good things happen out there.  Safe (and sane) holiday to everyone!

@yesmagazine – for a link to The Garden Project providing job training with environmental stewardship, and a list of 10 easy steps for becoming a radical homemaker (start by hanging laundry!)

@ASPANlink –  for reminders about effects of warm and storm weather on homeless people

@farmcurious – for making it at home (and teaching others how to!) and for diced plums in ice cream…we gleaned some and diced up, too!!

@closestcloset – for getting something started – sharing, giving, community building — and not being deterred by the “copy cats”

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