Following Leaders 7/9

Last week was “oldie but goodie” week on our OriginalGreen project’s Facebook page.  Sometimes we see posts that help us stroll down memory lane to remember why we really, really like (and have previously “Friday followed”) some of our Twitter friends.

This week, while working on mapping accessibility to farmers markets in low-income communities, much of the conversation turned to race and engaging communities of color.  In Los Angeles, those conversations also turned on a trial. All the while, posts about food seemed to keep catching my eye confirming the do-tasty-with-what-you-have mantra.

Thank you to our oldies but goodies…

@LocalDirt – for some intriguing Top 10 lists we shared with clients…from worst things to do at farmers market, to regional foods you’ve never heard of (oh, and an amazing tomato egg bake).

@hyperlocavore – for posts on Tim Wise’s essay with a strong message about “when your narrative lets you down” and on Oscar Grant which reminded us of the importance of being reminded (and remaining mindful) about things that affect all of us.

@farmingconcrete — for partnering with one of our faves @bklynfoodcoaltn on a community food survey and a retweet of new rules that worry community garden advocates in NYC.

@RachelSurls – for suggesting that Los Angeles declare a “Year of Urban Agriculture” like Seattle has.  Yes, let’s!

@SeasonalWisdom – for a visual history of outdoor porches and more food suggestions: goat cheese, figs, lavender honey appetizer.  Le sigh…

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