Shhh! Top Secret!

We added a “Top Secret” tab on our Facebook page for our supporters.  In other words, if someone has “Liked” our OriginalGreen page, they have access to content non-Likers don’t.  It’s not a gimmick…there’s just some news that we think might be more interesting to people who are already connected (maybe invested?) in the project.  We just wanted to keep them apprised of some of the details of our work, in addition to a few little goodies here and there!  Don’t worry, if you don’t “Like” us, we still like you!  And there’s still plenty of good information to take from the page.

So, if you’re already digging this blog, check out our Facebook page by clicking on the green logo over there on the right, and see if any of our links and news inspire (or even provoke) you in any way. Then, go ahead and “Like” us for even more!  We want to grow a community dedicated to finding solutions to food insecurity and increasing sustainability in low-income communities.  We’d love for you to be a part of it…

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