Following Leaders 7/16

This week we started some work on an urban farming initiative in Los Angeles.  That meant less time on the computer, and more time out in the field!  Great!  But we still found opportunities to check in with our Twitter friends, and we still found some pretty cool (and always helpful) information from them.

Since we do read EVERY post (yes, still do) a lot of the reading during this busy outdoor week focused on our friends with resources for urban farming and growing. Thank you, as usual.  And as usual, here’s why you should follow them, too:

@SEGlet – for incredible resources on renting rooftops and yards for sustainable projects

@Leaders4Change – for bringing the change we love to the next generation of social changemakers!

@Farmcurious – for inspiring this urban homesteader in training.  No, we don’t think a home-cooked meal requires a can opener!

@Farmland – for being our go-to spot this week for urban farming (Farming on the Edge report) and a post on agri-tourism.

@Urbangardens – for a really great post on 66 ways to grow food without a garden and generally “unlimited thinking”!

4 thoughts on “Following Leaders 7/16

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