Following Leaders 7/23

Homelessness, food distribution and peaches.  What’s the connection?  Well, this week all three were prominently featured in our activities.  Early in the week, we met a homeless farmer. It was probably because my mind was on his plight and what we could do for him that certain links from Twitter friends resonated.  They provided some happy news about rehousing and — keeping it all in perspective — some not so happy news about rehousing.  Mid week, it was mostly about researching food delivery methods for our community food system project.  So, it’s not surprising that a post on a food delivery plan caught my eye. Then, yesterday, we received a bounty of peaches.  And one tweet was right on time!

Follow Friday is becoming a real treat for us.  Getting a chance to think about our week, and what our Twitter friends have been up to, keeps us motivated.  Thanks, as usual…

@hominc – for uplifting news about 80 people who moved into the ranks of the formerly homeless.  Bravo for great work.

@PSCtweets – for a link to a study on homelessness that reminded us that it takes more than a voucher to maintain housing stability (hint: people need a myriad of supportive services).

@newurbanhabitat —  for hipping us to an NPR story about Baltimore’s Virtual Supermarket Project, which combats a food desert via grocery pick-ups at the local library; and, it accepts SNAP benefits. This one definitely goes in our food distribution files.

@farmcurious – for a perfectly-timed tweet: what to do with all those peaches? Peach salsa!

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