Following Leaders 8/20

It was nice patting ourselves on the back last Friday – and evidenced by the work our friends are doing out there, we all should do that now and again.  But now it’s back to proper props.

This week, as mentioned in the last post, one of us (me) had to deal with a cranky collaborator.  While I was dealing with this, um, person, I was also gaining a better appreciation for how social media could enhance our work here.  It allowed me to share a life lesson (that apparently resonated with more than a few people), and it helped our OriginalGreen page grow to 31 states and four countries.  In particular, though, a few of our Twitter friends were the consummate social media mavens this week.  And while the cranky collaborator had me dreaming of criminal acts, it was fun to see other “criminal” acts in the fields.

Oh, and we couldn’t go without acknowledging an amazing 49 days in Arizona.

Thanks for another great week!

@DoreenPollack – for being the ultimate retweeter of helpful information and for a great link to a story about a family of four that grows food in their pool.

@BeetnikMedia – for an exciting new social media venture helping gardening and eco living businesses make those important connections.  Can’t wait for more!

@alleycat_acres —  for robbing potatoes and serving as the Washington State resource on our OriginalGreen page this week.

@hominc — for 52 move-ins in 49 days!  What?! Wow! So very cool and inspiring.

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