Festivus for the rest of us

It’s around this time we all become much more aware of giving and helping each other out.  Whether compelled by singular events and people around us or as an ongoing activity, it is a fact that this time of year finds people sharing more of themselves.  At home&community inc, we love all the traditions and celebrations of the holiday season, but perhaps one nicely (funly?) sums up how we’d like to think about giving.  Although it’s not officially celebrated until December 23rd, Festivus is that tradition.

We don’t make judgments about the “when” of giving.  We don’t even make judgments about the “how.”  We’ve been fortunate to receive volunteers, kind words and even a little money this year.  And just like Festivus did, it feels like we’ve inspired our own, real, Human Fund, raising Money (and food!) for People.   Our community grantmaking series is off the ground.  We’ve located a parcel of land for an urban farm in Watts.  The first components of our Community Food System are in place.  And, our census of community gardens in public housing is progressing.

So, how can we celebrate the elements of Festivus? Perhaps a minor “Airing of Grievances”…we need to share more and care more.  Maybe one “Feats of Strength”…we can all find a problem to wrestle and defeat!  And of course, we wouldn’t mind a “Festivus Miracle”…fully funded gardens in low income communities!

Happy Festivus.  We look forward to sharing more good things with you.  And we thank you for a wonderful year!