Gather, Eat, Grow, Repeat.

Food-themed events are on the rise.  It’s not difficult to understand why, nor difficult to do. We can (should) all get together this way, not just to raise funds or support a particular cause.  We should for the simple benefit of connection that it brings.  Getting together and talking about things is like writing out a note in longhand instead of sending an email – you don’t do it all the time, but when you do, it’s really appreciated (and can be enjoyed even when the hard drive fails).

Our February Repeat

Our event last Saturday once again proved that groups can be really creative. Discussions about art, elementary school education, local yard sharing and homemade wine surrounded the main topic of urban farming and community food system work.

Gathering like this is one of several ways we can all participate in advancing urban agriculture and community food.  Brainstorming about it helps bring awareness and provide resources to interested folks.  We can also go foraging and take extra food to pantries. Another thing to do is to start growing. Even growing on a small strip of land or in containers is a valuable education into how things work and can promote sharing of extra produce. Start a yard share. If you like to garden…but don’t have space…and have a neighbor/friend who does have space but doesn’t know how or like to garden…take over their yard.  They’ll let you if you show them how great it can be.  Are they single? Maybe there’s a date in it for them.

Then, bring it all around full circle and have a neighborhood feast with the harvest.

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