Following Leaders 3/18

It’s been a while since we gave proper shoutouts to our Twitter friends.  It’s not like we stopped reading posts or following everyone, but so many exciting things have been going on for us so rapidly that, well, we’ve been a wee bit distracted.  No more!

We’ve resisted formal fundraising for our organization for so long. After all, our work was (and still is) helping others get the resources to move forward with their work!  And we were (and still are) all about community building.  But, as we’ve delved into the details of our Original Green Community Food Plan, we’ve seen so many of our Twitter friends with great ways of integrating community building and food planning.  We also realized that this type of integration should form the basis for our first go at formalized online fundraising!  Yikes!  It’s been an education, and there have been a lot of models out there.  Have you checked out these friends?  You should!

@urbanfarmhub – for multiple contributors informing about urban agriculture and transformation of food systems.

@buylocalCA – for methods to build relationships between multiple actors in a community food system (growers, markets, consumers etc).

@DUGTweet – for ideas about what kinds of community resources to offer (along with neato note cards).

@UWFarm – for ways to integrate institutions of higher education into community food planning, and news about their new partnership that will train at-risk youth on their farm.

@StartSomeGood – for a great platform for helping us launch our first online fundraising campaign. Check out our video!


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