Popularity Contest

Photo: 1959 Martinsburg HS Bulldogs

As we wind down the year here at home&community inc, I’ve been doing that “year-end-review” thing…trying to understand what we’ve accomplished, learn from what we haven’t, and prepare for what is still to come!

One of the most instructive (and interesting) activities has been discovering our most viewed blog posts for 2011.

By far, our post on More SHAREcropping was the most popular.  Talking about how to re-appropriate the urban farming concept in low-income communities strikes a chord with folks.  And we’ll keep talking about it and doing it in the coming year.

Next most popular was Kissing Babies…  Looks like people wanted to check in on whether we were staying true to our goals!

Next was Spring Gleaning.  Most here really like that one; I’ve heard it’s because it gives everyone a chance to find local fruit in a way that they never considered!

And last, there was a tie between Paths of Desire and Gather, Eat, Grow, Repeat.  I think it’s no small coincidence that thinking about how we interact with our environment and how we interact with our community would be viewed in equal measure.

Next year promises even more good works!  We can’t wait to share our plans with you in the next several days.  Thanks to all our supporters and here’s to getting it done in 2012!