Your grass, too, can be green. Just water it.

grass-is-always-greenerIt’s the end of the year, when a lot of people start thinking about the prior 11 months and things they have/have not done to fill all those days.  Have I worked on things I’m passionate about? Have I spent meaningful time with friends and family?  Did I learn how to play Lola on the ukulele?

Thankfully, mostly the answers are yes.  But when talking to some about this, I hear a familiar refrain (complaint) from people who haven’t reached goals they wanted: I wish I had what [insert some other person who isn’t the speaker] has.  The coveted thing might be a certain job, a certain relationship, a certain skill, a certain item.  Often, the conversation then moves to me and how I have what I have.

It’s always interesting because what I think I “have” is not generally quantifiable or obvious to describe.  My impulse is to answer the questions by asking more questions.  “Exactly what do you think I have and why do you want it, too?”  But, I’ve learned that my experience in the gardens with residents and friends can be instructive in providing answers.

For the most part, it’s true that I’m happy, motivated and forever optimistic….because I consistently engage myself in things that make me happy, motivated and forever optimistic.  I water my garden.

Things are green on my side because I try to keep them that way.  It’s work and it’s intentional.  What needs to get watered today?  Optimism getting a little dry? Happiness wilting a bit?  Go fill up the jug.  Think about those “goals” you missed.  What exactly were you trying to grow? Blue fescue is going to need different care than St Augustine (as will a tomato from rhubarb).  Do you even like the fescue you’re trying to keep alive? Maybe something else is more appropriate for you.  Maybe try focusing on something else for a while.  Become an “accidental creative.”

Your water may vary, but, thinking about what you’re growing and remembering to water at all is more likely to get things as green as you want them to be.