Kissing babies, shaking hands, digging dirt…

2011. Some folks have resolutions.  We’ve got promises.  They’re like campaign promises for our own Garden Party.  Without further ado, here is what we’re getting done this year.

1. We are acquiring developing a site for our first company-directed urban farming enterprise. (Wait, did you see how we already achieved our very first promise?) You will be hearing a lot about this project in the next several weeks — the initial work in our Community Food System.  We’re excited we’ll be able to incorporate visual art and sound along with innovative site design.  And, importantly, this project will link to our work at the Nickerson Gardens public housing community garden.

2. We will focus on community raising.  This is not your garden variety community building.  Well, maybe it is garden variety, but definitely not standard.  We have scheduled four community-funding dinners, continuing the series initiated in November.  People will again have the opportunity to connect with each other, share skills, support Original Green, and help fund community members who have projects that promote sustainability and meaningful participation.

3. We will continue our census of public housing community gardens and organize the information into a document.  It will include resources and tools for creating these gardens in public housing and highlight the work at several successful sites.

4. We will get you involved.  You’re going to help us achieve this agenda for change, because Resistance Is Fertile.  And, yes, that’s our new campaign slogan.  More on that to come!