Looks Like We Made It

We reached the tipping point goal of our Making Our Beds campaign!

We thank everyone who donated.  Reaching our goal means we will receive funds to advance our Original Green Community Food System project at our two sites.  We think it’s also a great (early) Earth Day present for us and for the residents in South Los Angeles where we’ll start getting growing.

Here’s what’s going to happen now…

Some first steps have already been taken. We are grateful to be receiving help from Farmworks L.A. to plan our sites.  We’ve also connected with WINTER — an organization that provides non-traditional employment for poverty-level women — to work on site development.  We know an amazing, personable Master Gardener skilled in garden and crop planning who we hope will advise on our sites.  We have materials donations for our beds.

And the money? The money from this campaign goes directly towards site development and planting: irrigation systems, city fees, hardscaping, lighting and plants.

So tomorrow, for Earth Day, we’ll be enjoying the potential we’ve created.  We’ll be thinking about why we want to bring local food to residents…remembering that Local isn’t a four-letter-word.

Barry’s not a four-letter-word either, so click on his album for some aural affirmation…