Following leaders 5/7

Last week we said it’s the passion and commitment that we see in tweets that educates, astounds, saddens, and inspires us – sometimes all at the same time! We’ve always wanted to explain why we follow whom we follow on Fridays.

For low-income people, hunger and overall health relates directly to access to affordable housing. This week, we’ve been doing deeper level work on this subject, and thanks to our Twitter friends, we’ve been able to find some really compelling and useful resources. We were also reminded that it’s the little things that get us through the big events.

See you next week.

@vermonthousing – for reminding us about HUD’s delayed publication of income limits and a link to an article summarizing “Rx for Hunger: Affordable Housing” which helped us parse through the actual report.

@UrbanFarming – for helpful tweets about urban cities’ efforts to eliminate hunger and for encouraging folks to donate their excess harvests.

@invisiblepeople – for news about a farmer’s donation of land to feed the poor and thusly hipping us to the folks at @csproject.

@gaiapunk – for what seem like a zillion urban permaculture links that have helped us frame solutions to combating hunger in affordable housing.

@chtrust – for always wonderful affordable housing work and for acknowledging our 10th birthday (who doesn’t love a greeting?).

@arsculinaria – for tweeting on practicing local food tenets even while experiencing water restrictions in flood ravaged Nashville. Be well.

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