Following Leaders 6/18

This week, we learned a lotA lot.  We always look for ways to bring the innovative ideas of Twitter friends, to our low-income clients.  Part of leveling playing fields is pouring more dirt (or housing or food) onto the other field.  We saw the usual concepts this week, like sustainability, food security and community…along with some we don’t often see, like cohousing, silence and privatization.

Our friends are doing important work out there that we’re committed to sharing and making relevant for our clients.

Look how they helped us…

@GraceKimArch – for tweets this week on the National Cohousing Conference in Boulder, and inspiring us to think about a different way to bring sustainability to low-income communities.

@LocalDirt – for great links to local food resources and a helpful article on Community Supported Kitchens.  Perhaps another viable way to bring local food and economic improvement to low-income communities.

@COTSvt – for being finalists in the Changemakers competition, with an innovative plan to reduce family homelessness through prevention.  Keeping people in their homes. We are so about that!

@newurbanhabitat – for a reminder about the value of silence and living locally by discovering what’s right outside our door.  What intriguing concepts for our clients, who mostly live in urban areas.  (Don’t be surprised to see a future blog post on this.)

@WLIHA – for information about where to get details on HUD’s PETRA legislation.  Is it privatization of housing? Will it displace residents? This directly affects many of our clients, so we are glad for any new resource.

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